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280ZX – P90 Turbo Head Rebuild III


Continued progress on the Head with adjustable cam gear.

I can’t remember for certain but I believe this was the second time assembling the head (which is why it is a bit messier) as I managed to strip out a cam tower bolt because of a wrong torque spec in the How to Rebuild Your Datun OHC Engine book. Ironically I had been cross referencing everything up to the point with the FSM but obviously did not on this one as there is a huge difference in torque (10 vs 25 iirc without looking). So I had to tear everything down and retap and helicoil the towers bolt holes (some others were damaged and did not want to take a chance). To add to the difficulty I even managed to break my helicoil tap off in one of the holes. Thankfully, I was able to extract it by using a Dremel and a sand strong bit. Eventually after sanding the center down I was able to use a screw driver to reverse it out without and additional damage.  After all of this I had to do some extensive cleaning and then put things back together again.

Pictures Taken 12/14/2015

240Z Hatch/Tunnel Repair

Continued work on the rear hatch area and a view of my tunnel support…pictures make the welds look terrible but are better in person…and will be under the carpet anyway :)/

Pictures Taken 10/3/2015 (First Four) & 10/4/2015 (Remaining)


Floor Install – IX

The pictures are a bit out of order with engine rebuild as I was awaiting parts and bouncing between working on the floor and the engine depending on how ambitious I was feeling.

Note that the 2nd picture is on the driver’s side area where there is a bend near the pedals. While this is not an exact match to the original, and I am not going to win any awards for welding, I am none the less very happy with the end results. With paint and coating you can’t even tell there was a repair done unless you are right one top of it.

Note I did not take many pictures of the passenger side as there was not as extensive of a repair required. You can see the bulk of that repair in older pictures.

Pictures Taken: 8-10-2015 (First 2), & (8-16-2015)

Floor Install – V


Passenger Side floor install which was supposed to be easier then the drivers side, but it also had damage I had forgotten about.

Pictures Taken 7/10/2014 & 7/11/2014 (Last)

Floor Install – III


Continued Floor Progress however I don’t think I am going to win any contests for making it look pretty…especially the L bracket near the peddle assemblies (was very hard to get in there to make a better looking weld)

Pictures Taken 6/27/2015 (First 5), and 7/2/2015 (Remaining)

240z-Early Paint Removal

Early paint removal progress from the driver’s side fender area.

Photos Taken 4/14/2014

280ZXR Sensor Wiring

Wiring cleanup/repair of the various temp sensors.

Rear Control Arm – Inner Bearing

Here are the results of my 2nd attempt at pressing the rear inner bearing into the control arm. This time things went much better.

The control arm was stripped of all paint to resolve an an issue with the existing paint. In the photos you can see the first new coat on the Arm/Hub.

Photos Taken 2/14/2014

Suspension, Carpet, Electrical

Photos Taken 7/30/2013 (above)



Photos Taken 7/31/2013 & 8/1/2013

New Injectors

The Z had been having some minor starting problems for a few months at the time of these pictures. It was probably becoming more noticeable now with the colder weather (Cold for California). Thus began a series of replacements to try and resolve this issues. This was early in the process, and I am noting everything now as I did not take photos of every little thing that I replaced over a period of several months. The car would simply not start reliably, this was typically resolved by holding down the gas. So long as you got it start, she would run great. If you missed the opportunity… could be an hour or more before she would start.  I would find out several months later that the engine has an issue between cylinders 3-4 (if memory serves me correctly). Compression was good, but the 20 years of sitting in a garage in Ohio had taken it’s toll on the car. Sadly the engine block was so far gone that I ended up swapping in a new engine. While most of this detail is not related to this post, I write is to explain why I had to start making changes to this car.

Some items I had replaced: AFM, Distributor, Injectors, Blaster Coil, EFI Connectors,  All EFI Sensors as well as various EFI Compenets

Photos Taken: 1/18/2007