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Archive for March 2014

ZXR floor work/sound deadening part 1

Driver’s Side floor pan painted, and 3 layers of sound deadening. Note that the pictures make it appear that there are a ton of air pockets, this is not the case in person.

Photos Taken;  3/30/2014 (First Two), 3/31/204 (Last Two)

280ZXR Carpet Removed

Pictures from after the carpet was removed from the ZXR. I did not take any pictures of the carpet, but it was in very rough condition under the seats.

Photos Taken:  3/28/2014

280ZXR Sensor Wiring

Wiring cleanup/repair of the various temp sensors.

More 280ZX restoration

I had to remove the already completed hub assembly on the passenger side of the car per a stripped bolt issue on the cv axle side. This also meant I had to reinstalled an outer-bearing and refurbish a fairly rusted replacement. The pictures do not really give justice to how much surface rust was present. The end result looks like previous pictures after painted so I did not bother taking any new pictures. Also show is the rear metal support brace that was badly bent. Sadly I forget to get pictures of it with the new paint job…perhaps the next time I go under the car I will have a chance.

Photos Taken: 2/28/14 (First 4)/ 3/2/2014 (Remaining)

Driver Side Rear Control Arm

Misc progress of rear drivers side control arm..

Photos Taken: 2/20/14 (1), 2/26/2014 (2-3),