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Archive for February 2012

New Fuel Lines

Here are some early pictures of the new fuel line being run with a new fuel pressure regulator. Note the lack of a wiring harness, as it was out and was in the early stages of restoration. You can also see the old header that would be later pulled and replaced.

Photos Taken 03/15/2011

JDM Valve Cover

Photos of my new 280ZXR valve cover prior to me restoring it. If you are looking at the dates you will notice that there is nothing showing up in 2010. There were quite a few pictures that were lost, nothing special but I will recap what was done. I removed the adjustable sway bar links and reinstalled the ST end links. I also pulled the wiring harness and began to rebuild it from scratch as it was starting to show its age, which became quite a project in and of its self.

Photos Taken 02/09/2011