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280ZX Intercooler / New Radiator


So I had to cut into the ZX to do the intercooler installation, I did not take many pictures of the process but I did try to give ample room on each side and keep them even. While it is not obvious in the pictures they came out pretty close.

All of the brackets I had to fabricate myself, my kit was missing (I later found them after project was done) some brackets and I did not like how it was going to mount anyway. I made to “sandwich” brackets (Pictures 3-4) to give the core support better support the adjustable “L” brackets  I had made earlier. (Image 8 etc) I just did not like the idea of it hanging the way it was without some re-enforcement.

I then drilled holes on the lower area of the support for the longer threaded rods that are on the lower section of the intercooler. I then used a rubber grommet to cover the bottom nub to give the intercooler something to sit on and slightly wedge it so it would not move back and forth.

Not the new radiator, the process was the same as the old one to make the fans work so I do not really re-document this process.

I also had to cut the piping a bit shorter near the coupler in front of the engine for the newer throttle body + spacer I was running.


Pictures are slightly out of sequence but posted this way to make more sense to the context of the post. Pictures taken July (First 7)/September 2016

280ZX – Engine Drop


I rebuilt the engine over the winter, and did quite a few tweaks, as noted in other posts. As of this writing I am still dialing things in and I am half way through the break in process.

Pictures Taken in May 2016

280ZX – P90 Turbo Head Rebuild IV


Continued Progress/Pictures

Pictures Taken 12/15/15

Engine Rebuild (L28ET) – II

Pictures Taken 8/1/2015 (First 3), 8/2/2015 (4-6), & 8-7-2015 (Remaining)

Engine Rebuild (L28ET) – I

Early Rebuild Pictures of the block.

ARP Main Bolts.

Note: Paint had to be stripped, remaining bits were removed later.

Pictures Taken: August 1, 2015

Engine Tear Down III

Pictures Taken: 5/7/2015

Engine Tear Down I

This engine was originally going into the 240Z…but it is over a year away before I will even be close to worrying about the engine. So it is going to go into my 280ZX..which will be going from NA to Turbo as the original electronics have been giving me a problems over the last 6 months.

This will be a complete tear down and rebuild…the original owner had some rather interesting methods to “fix” the engine.

Pictures Taken 4/16/2015






I found some older pictures back from 2011 where I was doing the final touches on getting the ZXR Running.

Pictures Taken 9-26-2011



Suspension, Carpet, Electrical

Photos Taken 7/30/2013 (above)



Photos Taken 7/31/2013 & 8/1/2013

New fuel rail & more more fittings

Here is the new installed a new Palnet fuel rail complete with mounting hardware! Also there I have installed new fuel line fittings (simplified from old setup)  to resolve some leaking issues that I had. The water lines are finally completely hooked up in these photos as well.


What was not photographed between this and the previous update: Heli-Coiled the intake manifold bolt holes. The originals were stripped as a result the intake and exhaust manifolds came on and off a few times during this process. I had re-tapped all the holes but there was not enough left on them to hold at the required torque specifications. Thankfully the heli-coil process went better then expected, and there have not been any issues from this process.

Photos Taken 09/26/2011