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Archive for September 2017

Oil Pan/Cross-member -280ZX


Several oil leaks appeared fairly quickly around the classic areas of the new oil pan so I had to finally pull it after attempts to stop the leak had failed. Additionally I needed to “modify” the rear of the pan with a hammer as it was kissing the cross member. The job is generally a pain with a stock pan but with the additional size of the custom pan I was forced to pull out the front cross member to ease re-installation and it needed repainted anyway.


Pictures Taken in June/Early July 2017




280ZX Radiator Modification/New Fans

Wow, it’s been about a year without an update!

The project (280ZX) is still ongoing and the 240Z is still on hold- and I have some pictures altough for various reasons I haven’t been able to take/post as many as I would like.

Brief update as of today (pictures in a future post)

  • MS3 – Installed, Car has 700ish miles on it in the year that I rebuilt it
  • Front end had to come out for an oil leak and “modification” of the DP racing fan to clear the steering rack mounts
  • Rear End is out again, camber/caster issues & TTT rear end coil over install
  • Installed the 240Z roll cage in the ZX because it was taking up to much room in the garage
  • Upgraded Alternator (GM) for the new electric fans.
  • Rewired a good chunk of the original harness/upgraded grounds and charging cables.

The Following Pictures were taken in January of 2017:  I replaced the CX racing Fans with PERMA COOL fans and had to cut the original fan shroud brackets. These fans barely fit, and required some rewiring and an upgraded alternator to give me some breathing room as the original was dying anyway. I did not take as many pictures of the fans while installing them as I would have liked but you will get the idea.