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Archive for June 2012

Vacuum lines & new fittings

Here we can see some of the new AN fittings & vacuum lines have been installed. Sadly finding new old stock parts are becoming more and more difficult.  This is how the water line ended up with AN fittings which was never a part of my original plans. The end result ended up working out very nicely and has not presented any issues.

Photos Taken 07/15/2011 (First 3) & 7/26/2011 (Last 2)

Engine & New Wiring Harness

Here are some more views of the engine as well as the beginning of the re-installation of my newly refreshed wiring harness. As you can see, not much has changed with the engine in these hew short days minus a few new brackets that were installed.  One thing to note is the new fuse box that I utilized from another harness that I was able to fine, the original had its tabs broken off and was in pretty bad shape. The wiring harness was a project that I had been avoiding for some time. The original wires were in bad shape, so I basically made a new engine clip from the existing schematic. It was quite a process that took me a very long time to complete.

Photos Taken 06/22/2011 (First 3) & 6/30/2011 (Last 3)