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Dash Cap Test Fit & Paint


There is quite bit going on in all of these pictures so they will require a bit of explanation. Pictures 1-3 show the new dash cap paint with SEM Black Trim & SEM Black Texture.

Pictures 3 & 4 show some of the damage that my dash had, these is more but you get the idea.

Pictures 4-6 show the original dash painted with SEM – this was so when the cap was on things would blend a bit nicer. I did not use the trim paint on everything…but only in areas where overlap wold occur as you would not see it anyway and the stuff is expensive for a spray can.

The remaining pictures are for contrast only, to show the cap vs original repainted dash. I do not have any final pictures of how things came out yet as Winter came along and I put this on the back burner for the moment, however, the fitment came out very nice with only a few spots that will need to be glued and re-clamped.


Pictures Taken 9/17/2015 (First 3) &  9/20/2015 (Remaining)




240z-Rear Hatch Cleanup & Paint


Decided to make one post with the rear hatch painting and cleanup.

Pictures Taken: 12/28/2014 (First 3), 12/29/2014 (4-6), 12/30/2014 7-9), 12/31/2014 (Remaining)


Rear Hatch liner removal

Photos Taken: 12/27/2014

240z-Misc Suspension

Pictures Taken:  10/17/2014 (First) & 10/21/14 (Remaining)

Z32 Rear Differential
TTT Upper Control Arm (Retapped M10 X 1.5 – 75FTLBS/Red Thread Locker)

240z-TTT Rear Suspension Install

Early installation pictures of my TTT rear suspension.

Notes: +/- Fine Adjustments.

TTT Aluminum Block/Stock Mount Bolt 75 FTLBS


Thanks to, some of the pictures and specs saved me some time and questions

Photos Taken: 10/15/2014

240z-Misc Blasting

Misc pictures from the end of the primary blasting on the 240z.


Pictures Taken: 10/03/2014 (First Two),  10/04/2014 (3-5),  10/05/2014 (Remaining)

240z-Engine Bay

Engine and core support area completed.

Photos Taken: 9/20/2014 (First 5) & 9/24/2014 (Remaining)

240z-Engine Bay/Fender

The fender area is shown again as I had to redo it as I rushed the paint on it. The engine bay was in pretty rough shape and had a ton of surface rust…but nothing to major.

Photos Taken: 9/5/2014 (First 5) & 9/15/2014 (Remaining)

240Z-Front Passenger fender area

Progress on the front fender area, you can see where I cut out the rust spot from previous posts.

Photos Take 9/1/2014 9/2/2014 (Last)

240z – Passenger fender area

This is the passengers side area fender well after being sand blasted.  Sadly this area would have to be stripped again (future pictures) per an issue with the paint adhering correctly.

Photos Taken 8/30/2014 & 8/31/2014 (Last two)