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Archive for May 2015

Engine Tear Down III

Pictures Taken: 5/7/2015

Engine tear down II


Continued Images of the Engine tear down. Note that the cylinder walls look worse then they are…this is a result of the sharpness of the camera I am using…they did pass the fingernail test and were within specs. I have however decided to go with a .040 mm over since its apart anyway.

Pictures Taken 4/19/2015 (First 6),  4/20/2015 (7-12), & 4/2/2015 (Remaining)

Engine Tear Down I

This engine was originally going into the 240Z…but it is over a year away before I will even be close to worrying about the engine. So it is going to go into my 280ZX..which will be going from NA to Turbo as the original electronics have been giving me a problems over the last 6 months.

This will be a complete tear down and rebuild…the original owner had some rather interesting methods to “fix” the engine.

Pictures Taken 4/16/2015


240 Floor Prep Continued

Removed bad sections of the floor board…I am going to need to fab up quite a bit it seems.

Pictures Taken 4/8/2-14