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Archive for March 2016

280ZX – P90 Turbo Head Rebuild

P90 head back form LoneWolf Performance, +1MM oversize exhaust.

Note: some of the stains are from test fits

Pictures Taken August 9, 2015

240Z – 350Z Bracket Spacers

These were the spacers I welded up to weld directly to the 350Z seat bottoms as I needed a bit of space. I did not take pictures on the first round, but I then welded a thick piece of metal to one side that would be welded to the 350Z frame rails. On the top side I then took steel and made a square and welded up the other side. I will have pictures in a future post. The result was I now have room to do what I want with a custom bracket I am making on the floor and the seats will have more total surface area welded to give it a bit more strength.

Pictures Taken: 10/11/2016 (First 3),  10/12/2016 (4-5), 10/28/2015 (Remaining)