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Archive for May 2014

240z-Front drivers side fender area paint I


What a difference sand blasting makes to the overall speed of this project. Shown the first coat of paint to the front driver side fender area shortly after sand blasting.

Photos Taken 4/19/2014

240z-Multi Day Progress


Photos of progress over several day of the driver’s side fender area. This work was done with paint stripper and a power drill.  Notes: Day 4-Photo 3 was a test of a rust converter, this was later stripped off again per results, Day 4-Photos 4: Original Paint can be seen in the front bumper bracket area!

Photos Taken:  4/15/2014 (1st), 4/16/2014 (2nd), 4/17/2014 (3rd-6th), 4/18/2018 (Remaining)