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Archive for April 2014

240z-Early Paint Removal

Early paint removal progress from the driver’s side fender area.

Photos Taken 4/14/2014

240-Z Front Fender Removal

Here are some early pictures of the 240z restore process. These are simply to give an idea of what I was starting with. The minor rust above the frame in the last picture turned out to be much worse then is shows after I sandblasted the bad bits away.

Note: Last two pictures show some progress after some early wire brush cleanup.

Photos Taken:  4/13/2014

240Z – It Begins

Since I am waiting on parts for the 280ZX  I felt it was time to get things started on the 240z after quite a few failed attempts. The car is in good shape all things considered, but will still a bit of a project. There is rust…lots and lots of rust. Most of it is the surface version, but like most 240z there is some of the more serious kind on the car as well. These are some very early pictures….they will get more interesting in future posts.

Photos Taken: 4/14/2014

Rear Bumper Part 2

Progress Pictures of the bumper restore. Note: I should have taken pictures prior to the rust converter as it looked much more impressive (First two Pictures)

Photos Taken: 4/8/2014 (First Four),  4/9/2014 (Second Two), 4/12/2014 (Remaining)

ZXR floor work/sound deadening part 2 + rear bumper

Continued work on the floor pan, on the front passenger side of the car. Also I have included my very rusty rear bumper…this was the only major part of the car I had not repaired…and it is pretty bad.

Photos Taken:  4/1/2014 (First), 4/3/2013 (Second), (4/5/2015 (Remaining)