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Archive for February 2016

240Z – 350Z Seat Swap

Starting the 350Z seat swap into my 240Z.


Pictured above was the process of removing the 350Z dog ears to prepare for my setup which invovled some spacers and the like to get the seats setting right.


Pictures Taken 10/9/15 (First 9) & 10/10/2015 (Remaining)

240Z Hatch/Tunnel Repair

Continued work on the rear hatch area and a view of my tunnel support…pictures make the welds look terrible but are better in person…and will be under the carpet anyway :)/

Pictures Taken 10/3/2015 (First Four) & 10/4/2015 (Remaining)


240z- Misc Rust Repairs

Pictures 1-3: Pedal Assemblies (Taken 9/26/15)

Pictures: 4-5: Dash Blower mower area (yes it had rust) (Taken 9/28/15)

Picture:6 Overall Cabin (10/2/2015)