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LD28 Water Pump, 240Z Interior and Rear Hatch Repair

Pictures Taken 9/22/2015 (First) & (/25/2014 (Remaining)

240 Floor Prep Continued

Removed bad sections of the floor board…I am going to need to fab up quite a bit it seems.

Pictures Taken 4/8/2-14

240Z: Misc Suspension (2)

Continued Work on various parts of the 240Z.


Pictures Taken: 10/23/2014 (First 3),  10/25/2014 (4th), 10/28/2014 (Remaining)

240z-Misc Blasting

Misc pictures from the end of the primary blasting on the 240z.


Pictures Taken: 10/03/2014 (First Two),  10/04/2014 (3-5),  10/05/2014 (Remaining)

240z-Engine Bay

Engine and core support area completed.

Photos Taken: 9/20/2014 (First 5) & 9/24/2014 (Remaining)

240z-Engine Bay/Fender

The fender area is shown again as I had to redo it as I rushed the paint on it. The engine bay was in pretty rough shape and had a ton of surface rust…but nothing to major.

Photos Taken: 9/5/2014 (First 5) & 9/15/2014 (Remaining)

240Z-Front Passenger fender area

Progress on the front fender area, you can see where I cut out the rust spot from previous posts.

Photos Take 9/1/2014 9/2/2014 (Last)

240z – Passenger fender area

This is the passengers side area fender well after being sand blasted.  Sadly this area would have to be stripped again (future pictures) per an issue with the paint adhering correctly.

Photos Taken 8/30/2014 & 8/31/2014 (Last two)

240z-Transmission Tunnel

Photos Taken: 8/16 (First Two), 8/24/2014 (3-4), & 8/28/2014 (Remaining)

240z – Driver’s side area/rear axle area

Photos Taken:  4/26/2014 (First 3), 5/7/2014 (4th) & 5/8/2014 (5th)