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280ZX – Engine Pull, Modified Radiator, Etc

The First few pictures are of modifications I made to the original Radiator for the electric fans. I had to weld this up as they lost the original support they had. The head was off the engine prior to removal as I believed it was damaged (which does not appear to be). The engine will be likely used in the upcoming 240 with different pistons. The pictures are from me removing the original AFM bracket…with it in place it was making routing of the intercooler much more difficult and wasn’t needed anymore now anyway.

Pictures Taken April 2016 (pictures are out of sequence with previous posts)

240Z – 350Z Seat Swap

Starting the 350Z seat swap into my 240Z.


Pictured above was the process of removing the 350Z dog ears to prepare for my setup which invovled some spacers and the like to get the seats setting right.


Pictures Taken 10/9/15 (First 9) & 10/10/2015 (Remaining)

240Z Hatch/Tunnel Repair

Continued work on the rear hatch area and a view of my tunnel support…pictures make the welds look terrible but are better in person…and will be under the carpet anyway :)/

Pictures Taken 10/3/2015 (First Four) & 10/4/2015 (Remaining)


LD28 Water Pump, 240Z Interior and Rear Hatch Repair

Pictures Taken 9/22/2015 (First) & (/25/2014 (Remaining)

Dash Cap Test Fit & Paint


There is quite bit going on in all of these pictures so they will require a bit of explanation. Pictures 1-3 show the new dash cap paint with SEM Black Trim & SEM Black Texture.

Pictures 3 & 4 show some of the damage that my dash had, these is more but you get the idea.

Pictures 4-6 show the original dash painted with SEM – this was so when the cap was on things would blend a bit nicer. I did not use the trim paint on everything…but only in areas where overlap wold occur as you would not see it anyway and the stuff is expensive for a spray can.

The remaining pictures are for contrast only, to show the cap vs original repainted dash. I do not have any final pictures of how things came out yet as Winter came along and I put this on the back burner for the moment, however, the fitment came out very nice with only a few spots that will need to be glued and re-clamped.


Pictures Taken 9/17/2015 (First 3) &  9/20/2015 (Remaining)




Floor Install – IX

The pictures are a bit out of order with engine rebuild as I was awaiting parts and bouncing between working on the floor and the engine depending on how ambitious I was feeling.

Note that the 2nd picture is on the driver’s side area where there is a bend near the pedals. While this is not an exact match to the original, and I am not going to win any awards for welding, I am none the less very happy with the end results. With paint and coating you can’t even tell there was a repair done unless you are right one top of it.

Note I did not take many pictures of the passenger side as there was not as extensive of a repair required. You can see the bulk of that repair in older pictures.

Pictures Taken: 8-10-2015 (First 2), & (8-16-2015)

Floor Install – V


Passenger Side floor install which was supposed to be easier then the drivers side, but it also had damage I had forgotten about.

Pictures Taken 7/10/2014 & 7/11/2014 (Last)

Floor Install – III


Continued Floor Progress however I don’t think I am going to win any contests for making it look pretty…especially the L bracket near the peddle assemblies (was very hard to get in there to make a better looking weld)

Pictures Taken 6/27/2015 (First 5), and 7/2/2015 (Remaining)

Floor Install – I

Early install pictures of the drivers side frame rails. Note that paint is stripped on both sides of the original rail and covered with a weldable primer. I am a rookie/self taught welder which is evident in the pictures. I did try and clean it up and ended up making it uglier (future pictures), but regardless the floor is not going anywhere.

Pictures Taken: 6/19/21015 (First 3), 6/20/2015 (4-6),  6/21/2015 (Last)

240 Floor Prep Continued

Removed bad sections of the floor board…I am going to need to fab up quite a bit it seems.

Pictures Taken 4/8/2-14