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240z- Misc Rust Repairs

Pictures 1-3: Pedal Assemblies (Taken 9/26/15)

Pictures: 4-5: Dash Blower mower area (yes it had rust) (Taken 9/28/15)

Picture:6 Overall Cabin (10/2/2015)

Floor Install – IX

The pictures are a bit out of order with engine rebuild as I was awaiting parts and bouncing between working on the floor and the engine depending on how ambitious I was feeling.

Note that the 2nd picture is on the driver’s side area where there is a bend near the pedals. While this is not an exact match to the original, and I am not going to win any awards for welding, I am none the less very happy with the end results. With paint and coating you can’t even tell there was a repair done unless you are right one top of it.

Note I did not take many pictures of the passenger side as there was not as extensive of a repair required. You can see the bulk of that repair in older pictures.

Pictures Taken: 8-10-2015 (First 2), & (8-16-2015)

Floor Install – VI

Passenger Floor/Frame rail installation continued.

Note the surface rust that had gotten on the new frame rails from sitting for a few months waiting for install…even with a dehumidifier.

Pictures Taken 7/19/2014

Floor Install – II

Continued floor prep with now welded in Frame rails.

*White Paint is weldable paint

Pictures Taken 6/23/2015 (First 5) & 6/26/2015 (Remaining)


Photos Taken: 9/28/14. & 10/4/2014 (Last)

240Z-Rear tank area cont

Photos Taken:  8/9/2014 (First 7), 8/10/2014 (Remaining)

240Z-gas tank area progress

Some progress from the gas tanks are of the 240z.

Photos Taken: 6/1/2014 (First 3), 7/17/2014 (4th),  7/20/2014 (5th-7th), 7/24/2014 (Remaining)

240z-Multi Day Progress


Photos of progress over several day of the driver’s side fender area. This work was done with paint stripper and a power drill.  Notes: Day 4-Photo 3 was a test of a rust converter, this was later stripped off again per results, Day 4-Photos 4: Original Paint can be seen in the front bumper bracket area!

Photos Taken:  4/15/2014 (1st), 4/16/2014 (2nd), 4/17/2014 (3rd-6th), 4/18/2018 (Remaining)

280ZXR Carpet Removed

Pictures from after the carpet was removed from the ZXR. I did not take any pictures of the carpet, but it was in very rough condition under the seats.

Photos Taken:  3/28/2014

Driver Side Rear Control Arm

Misc progress of rear drivers side control arm..

Photos Taken: 2/20/14 (1), 2/26/2014 (2-3),