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Archive for July 2014


280ZX outside for the firm time in more then a year. The sand is from sand blasting of the nearby 240z, thankfully I can now move that car so this is no longer an issue.

Photos Taken 6/30/24014


Photos Taken:  6/10/2014 (1-2), 6/12/2014 (3-4),  6/25/2014 (5-9), 6/28/2014 (10), 6/29/2014 (11)

280zx-Carpet Project (rear area)

280ZX rear carpet project. The carpet on the tours had to be modified from an original replacement kit to fit the towers.  This was the safest option as I did not want to glue carpet to my original shock tower trim (which I was not a huge fan of).

Photos Taken: 6/8/2014 (First 7) & 6/9/2014 (Remaining)

240z-Rear driver’s fender area

Photos Taken 5/24/2014 & 5/25/2014 (Last)

280ZXR – Rear Carpet remove/prep

Early prep work for the new carpet. There were some rust spots that are not showing up on camera that were fixed. I ended up repainting the rear area to prevent future rust from occurring and additional protection.

Photos Taken 5/10/2014

240z – Driver’s side area/rear axle area

Photos Taken:  4/26/2014 (First 3), 5/7/2014 (4th) & 5/8/2014 (5th)