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Archive for November 2011

240Z – Snow Tow


Here is the 240z in the midst of one of a record breaking snow in West Virginia in Late 2009.  A bit of history before this as I do not take photographs to document things on the 240z. I took a job which was going to require me to drive cross country. The result was that I had to get the 240Z or the 280ZXR up and running. However, after several setbacks it was determined that getting the 240z up and running would be a much better option. I upgraded to the MSA 4 Piston Brake set, and converted to a ZX distributor just prior to my trip. The car had sat for nearly a year before this trip and did very well. She drove for nearly 20+ straight (with only stops for food/gas) en route to Texas. It was a great drive, and I hope to be able to do something similar in the future again. In Indiana I did very little with the car, but drove her a few times including a trip from Indiana to West Virginia.  Since then, the 240Z has not been driven much since these events. She is currently in need of some repair which I am currently planning out. The pictures above are of my towing the car back to West Virginia were I took a better opportunity job after leaving Indiana after a very brief 6 month or so stay. It is of note that the pictures were taken from my old 300ZX which was sold this year.

The ZXR was moved just prior to and thus missed this storm. The 280ZXR was towed cross country and sadly I have no pictures of this process as time was very brief. She was towed just prior to the 240z (above) and missed all the bad weather.


Photos Taken: 12/19/2009