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Archive for October 2011

ZXR Restore – 6/13/2008 & 8/2/2008

These are among the last photos taken of the car in 2008. The Car had the turbo engine in for about a month when some questions about the engine came up.  Smog and EFI were the main issues as it was never going to run correctly on the 79 EFI.  After much debate I elected to return the car to a closer form of what it was when it when it came from the factory. So the turbo engine was pulled (August) and the engine was rebuilt with flat tops for a NA application. I did not take pictures of this process as timing had become an issue. I moved cross country about one month after these pictures were taken. The plan was to drive the ZXR cross country for a new job that I was going to take. In the end this never happened, and I would not take the car with me. Ultimately I ended up driving the 240z cross country as there were less issues to address with it. The ZXR took its cross country trip in December of 2009 and would not be touched again until late 2010.

Photos Taken: 6/13/2008 (Oil Pan & Front Engine Cover) & 8/2/2008 (Bumper Restore)


ZXR Restore – 4/21/2008

Photos Taken: 04/21/2008

ZXR Restore – 4/19/2008

Here are some pictures of the undercarriage after it was repainted. Unfortunately, I don’t have the before and after pictures to show the difference. If you look back at the purchase pictures you can get an idea. This was very early in the process; the amount of grease that came off the car was unbelievable. There were only a few small areas with surface rust and thankfully no major areas that needed repaired. It is ironic in hindsight how an engine swap turned into a major rework of the car.

Photos Taken: 04/19/2008

ZXR Restore – 4/17/2008

Additional pictures of the engine bay.
Photos Taken: 04/17/2008

ZXR Restore – 4/16/2008

Photos Taken: 04/16/2008