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Archive for January 2015

240z-TTT Camber Plates

Here you can see my journey into installing the TTT bolt in camber plates. The first few pictures (2-4) are for if you are to bolt the plate underneath the tower which I am not going to do…after all why would I want to hide these amazing plates. Picture 5 is what things should look like for a camber over installation…obviously i’m not going this route. There is a bit of an optical allusion when installing these plates that you should be aware of (and drove me crazy) as they will appear off center despite following the original holes for reference. This is because of the shock tower support having an angle relative to install that throws things off a bit (to the eye). It should also be noted that the spacing of the original holes on my car were not perfectly symmetrical relative to the top of the tower…your mileage may vary. Gabriel at TTT was gracious enough to make me some support brackets for under my towers to help further re-enforce my installation as I was worried about the strength of doing a bolt over installation (Bolt Under is stronger from a engineering perspective).

Notes: Picture 5 is much straighter then the picture would lead you to believe in person.


Pictures Taken 12/6/2014 (1), 12/8/2014 (2-3), 12/11/2014 (4), 12/13/14 (5-6), & 12/20/2014 (Remaining)

240Z: TTT Rear Suspension Components


I purchased NEW 300ZX dust shields for my rear hubs (originals were very rusty)…in hindsight this was a mistake as I had to cut them down anyway. Note that the covers had to be put on the opposite sides to fit correctly and will utilize original 300zx (z32) parking brake cables.

The differential mount required minor timing of the original brace on the car (Pictures 6-8) to fit correctly. Picture 9 shows a stripped bolt that I had to a result I re-tapped everything to M10 1.5.

The Greddy differential cover fits nicely, but it a close fit.

Notes: Pictures of rear TTT components were re shot so the are not in chronological order with the install…but you get the idea.


Pictures Taken: l1/1/2014 (1-4), 11,5,2014 (5), 11-15-2014 (6-8), 11/30/2014 (9), & 1/24/2015 (Remaining)

240Z: Misc Suspension (2)

Continued Work on various parts of the 240Z.


Pictures Taken: 10/23/2014 (First 3),  10/25/2014 (4th), 10/28/2014 (Remaining)





I found some older pictures back from 2011 where I was doing the final touches on getting the ZXR Running.

Pictures Taken 9-26-2011



240z-Misc Suspension

Pictures Taken:  10/17/2014 (First) & 10/21/14 (Remaining)

Z32 Rear Differential
TTT Upper Control Arm (Retapped M10 X 1.5 – 75FTLBS/Red Thread Locker)

240z-TTT Rear Suspension Install

Early installation pictures of my TTT rear suspension.

Notes: +/- Fine Adjustments.

TTT Aluminum Block/Stock Mount Bolt 75 FTLBS


Thanks to, some of the pictures and specs saved me some time and questions

Photos Taken: 10/15/2014

240z-Misc Blasting

Misc pictures from the end of the primary blasting on the 240z.


Pictures Taken: 10/03/2014 (First Two),  10/04/2014 (3-5),  10/05/2014 (Remaining)