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Archive for April 2016

280ZX – P90 Turbo Head Rebuild IV


Continued Progress/Pictures

Pictures Taken 12/15/15

280ZX – P90 Turbo Head Rebuild III


Continued progress on the Head with adjustable cam gear.

I can’t remember for certain but I believe this was the second time assembling the head (which is why it is a bit messier) as I managed to strip out a cam tower bolt because of a wrong torque spec in the How to Rebuild Your Datun OHC Engine book. Ironically I had been cross referencing everything up to the point with the FSM but obviously did not on this one as there is a huge difference in torque (10 vs 25 iirc without looking). So I had to tear everything down and retap and helicoil the towers bolt holes (some others were damaged and did not want to take a chance). To add to the difficulty I even managed to break my helicoil tap off in one of the holes. Thankfully, I was able to extract it by using a Dremel and a sand strong bit. Eventually after sanding the center down I was able to use a screw driver to reverse it out without and additional damage.  After all of this I had to do some extensive cleaning and then put things back together again.

Pictures Taken 12/14/2015

280ZX – P90 Turbo Head Rebuild II

Note transitions are no where near as rough as pictures make them look.

Pictures Taken 12/12/2015