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Archive for August 2015

Engine Rebuild (L28ET) – I

Early Rebuild Pictures of the block.

ARP Main Bolts.

Note: Paint had to be stripped, remaining bits were removed later.

Pictures Taken: August 1, 2015

Floor Install – VIII


Wrap of of the base floor installation

Pictures Taken: 7/21/2015 (First 5), 7/22/2015 (6-10), & 7/31/2015 (Last)

Floor Install – VII

Continued Floor installation…not rust was from having new floor sit for a month or so prior to install.

Pictures Taken 7/19/2015

Floor Install – VI

Passenger Floor/Frame rail installation continued.

Note the surface rust that had gotten on the new frame rails from sitting for a few months waiting for install…even with a dehumidifier.

Pictures Taken 7/19/2014

Floor Install – V


Passenger Side floor install which was supposed to be easier then the drivers side, but it also had damage I had forgotten about.

Pictures Taken 7/10/2014 & 7/11/2014 (Last)