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280ZX – Engine Pull, Modified Radiator, Etc

The First few pictures are of modifications I made to the original Radiator for the electric fans. I had to weld this up as they lost the original support they had. The head was off the engine prior to removal as I believed it was damaged (which does not appear to be). The engine will be likely used in the upcoming 240 with different pistons. The pictures are from me removing the original AFM bracket…with it in place it was making routing of the intercooler much more difficult and wasn’t needed anymore now anyway.

Pictures Taken April 2016 (pictures are out of sequence with previous posts)

Engine Rebuild (L28ET) – II

Pictures Taken 8/1/2015 (First 3), 8/2/2015 (4-6), & 8-7-2015 (Remaining)

ZXR engine swap – III

These are the last of the Turbo Swap Pictures. I would later pull them item out (early 2008) and have it rebuilt as a flat-top L28NA. At this pointed I elected to start fixing some issues with the car that were becoming apparent.  The turbo was fun, but at the time of this swap smog etc were large issues, I elected to return to a more stock solution so that I could retain the original EFI.

Photos Taken:  10/28/2007

ZXR engine swap – II

Photos Taken:  10/28/2007

ZXR engine swap – I

As mentioned in the previous post there was a string of events that occurred that forced me swap out the original engine. The original engine had suffered from sitting for 20+ years in a garage.  Around this time a turbo engine became available, and I had been toying with the idea of swapping in a turbo engine.  The turbo was swapped in, and I ran with for some time, and it was a blast. However, there were some questions on this engine. Ultimately we pulled the engine and rebuilt the engine with flat tops and a modified cam.  While the turbo was a blast, California regulations and keeping the car in as close to original trim won out. I mention these details as I did not take pictures of the car when swapping the rebuilt engine back in.

Photos Taken:  10/28/2007