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Block/Kameari Engine Works Timing Chain

Several days progress on the engine including the Kameari timing chain tensioner install. Note that I had to grind down the head (pictures 4-5) to get the full travel. Also note, do not use a thick gasket between the blue piece and the block as it will cause the chain to bind on the lower gear.

Note as of this writing I am 5 months behind on pictures – This engine is ready to drop in the engine bay – I am going to attempt to do larger updates to make things a bit more current.

Pictures Taken December 2015

280ZX – P90 Turbo Head Rebuild IV


Continued Progress/Pictures

Pictures Taken 12/15/15

280ZX – P90 Turbo Head Rebuild III


Continued progress on the Head with adjustable cam gear.

I can’t remember for certain but I believe this was the second time assembling the head (which is why it is a bit messier) as I managed to strip out a cam tower bolt because of a wrong torque spec in the How to Rebuild Your Datun OHC Engine book. Ironically I had been cross referencing everything up to the point with the FSM but obviously did not on this one as there is a huge difference in torque (10 vs 25 iirc without looking). So I had to tear everything down and retap and helicoil the towers bolt holes (some others were damaged and did not want to take a chance). To add to the difficulty I even managed to break my helicoil tap off in one of the holes. Thankfully, I was able to extract it by using a Dremel and a sand strong bit. Eventually after sanding the center down I was able to use a screw driver to reverse it out without and additional damage.  After all of this I had to do some extensive cleaning and then put things back together again.

Pictures Taken 12/14/2015

280ZX – P90 Turbo Head Rebuild II

Note transitions are no where near as rough as pictures make them look.

Pictures Taken 12/12/2015

280ZX – P90 Turbo Head Rebuild

P90 head back form LoneWolf Performance, +1MM oversize exhaust.

Note: some of the stains are from test fits

Pictures Taken August 9, 2015

240Z – 350Z Bracket Spacers

These were the spacers I welded up to weld directly to the 350Z seat bottoms as I needed a bit of space. I did not take pictures on the first round, but I then welded a thick piece of metal to one side that would be welded to the 350Z frame rails. On the top side I then took steel and made a square and welded up the other side. I will have pictures in a future post. The result was I now have room to do what I want with a custom bracket I am making on the floor and the seats will have more total surface area welded to give it a bit more strength.

Pictures Taken: 10/11/2016 (First 3),  10/12/2016 (4-5), 10/28/2015 (Remaining)

240Z – 350Z Seat Swap

Starting the 350Z seat swap into my 240Z.


Pictured above was the process of removing the 350Z dog ears to prepare for my setup which invovled some spacers and the like to get the seats setting right.


Pictures Taken 10/9/15 (First 9) & 10/10/2015 (Remaining)

240Z Hatch/Tunnel Repair

Continued work on the rear hatch area and a view of my tunnel support…pictures make the welds look terrible but are better in person…and will be under the carpet anyway :)/

Pictures Taken 10/3/2015 (First Four) & 10/4/2015 (Remaining)


240z- Misc Rust Repairs

Pictures 1-3: Pedal Assemblies (Taken 9/26/15)

Pictures: 4-5: Dash Blower mower area (yes it had rust) (Taken 9/28/15)

Picture:6 Overall Cabin (10/2/2015)

LD28 Water Pump, 240Z Interior and Rear Hatch Repair

Pictures Taken 9/22/2015 (First) & (/25/2014 (Remaining)