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Floor Install – IV

Drivers Side done…minus some cleanup and the seat bracket install

Pictures Taken 7/5/2014 (First 4) & 7/2/2014 (Remaining)

Floor Install – III


Continued Floor Progress however I don’t think I am going to win any contests for making it look pretty…especially the L bracket near the peddle assemblies (was very hard to get in there to make a better looking weld)

Pictures Taken 6/27/2015 (First 5), and 7/2/2015 (Remaining)

Floor Install – I

Early install pictures of the drivers side frame rails. Note that paint is stripped on both sides of the original rail and covered with a weldable primer. I am a rookie/self taught welder which is evident in the pictures. I did try and clean it up and ended up making it uglier (future pictures), but regardless the floor is not going anywhere.

Pictures Taken: 6/19/21015 (First 3), 6/20/2015 (4-6),  6/21/2015 (Last)

Engine Tear Down III

Pictures Taken: 5/7/2015

Engine tear down II


Continued Images of the Engine tear down. Note that the cylinder walls look worse then they are…this is a result of the sharpness of the camera I am using…they did pass the fingernail test and were within specs. I have however decided to go with a .040 mm over since its apart anyway.

Pictures Taken 4/19/2015 (First 6),  4/20/2015 (7-12), & 4/2/2015 (Remaining)

240z-Floor Pan Removal

Early floor pan removal…as usual there is more rust in areas then expected.  I am trying to salvage the original frame rail and weld over it with a replacement kit from

Pictures Taken 3/21/2015 & 3/22/2015

240z-Rear Hatch Welds


My first REAL attempts at welding on the Z…a few had popped in this area so I took the opportunity to repair and strengthen things up a bit.

Photos Taken: 1/31/2015

240z-Rear Hatch Cleanup & Paint


Decided to make one post with the rear hatch painting and cleanup.

Pictures Taken: 12/28/2014 (First 3), 12/29/2014 (4-6), 12/30/2014 7-9), 12/31/2014 (Remaining)

240Z: Misc Suspension (2)

Continued Work on various parts of the 240Z.


Pictures Taken: 10/23/2014 (First 3),  10/25/2014 (4th), 10/28/2014 (Remaining)





I found some older pictures back from 2011 where I was doing the final touches on getting the ZXR Running.

Pictures Taken 9-26-2011